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Go Where The 4wd Can't

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

In the military, we often traveled by LPC, or Leather Personnel Carriers, sometimes referred to as "boots". Paired with a rucksack stuffed to the point of ripping apart and a few other critical (and heavy) items, we managed to live unsupported for days at a time.

Boots and Ruck became a lifestyle for those of us who weren't in a big hurry and eventually we adapted to life as a pack mule. Although conditions could be rough, we had enough gear to be comfortable, and the simplicity of living in the forest without all of the noise of modern times had a healing quality. After the military was done with me, I transmogrified into a modern city person--because that's where the money was--and then one day I found my way back into the forest. We were now backpackers. The interesting aspect was we were relatively free to go when and where we wanted, but we had become very capable, due to having once been professional backpackers.

That's where this site is going. To help others find a place of quiet, a refuge in the forest, to heal up from the noise . . . and you can't drive there. You have to lace up your boots, shoulder a ruck and set off into what for most will be the unknown.

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