• Rockbottum Willy

Eephus The Terrible

Nathan Wiley is a TV camera operator with a work history full of mysterious gaps and a growing suspicion that he's being shadowed by either an angel or a leftover hallucination from his hippie days. When his employer, a worn out Atlanta sports network, is sold and relocated to an upscale resort village in the rugged mountains of North Carolina, Wiley and his colleagues arrive to find the place overrun with news media, Federal agents and radical environmentalists.

As a ghostly sniper roams the wintry ridges waging a private war on a new kind of vicious drug cartel, Wiley becomes entangled in the fruitless search for Eephus, an elderly mountain man with a talent for vengeance.

Settling into the cold, dark forests, Wiley's comfortable life as a loner is suddenly complicated by an unexpected romantic encounter with a mountain woman and a possible answer to the mystery he's carried for decades.

Comments from Amazon readers:

"Very well written, I suspect the author's writing comes from personal experience. A very entertaining adventure story."

"Wonderful storytelling, flat out fun, couldn't put it down."

"Wilson has a way of telling his story that makes you part of the scenery as he weaves the tale."

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